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Bali Travel

BALI is the PERFECT place to spend 6 delightful days /5 nights with the REGROUP or the indulgent RENEW YOURSELF 10 days/9 night Wellness Journeys.
This is PERFECT for the Solo Traveler, the Self Replenisher or the Relaxer amongst us.
Our Journey will begin on the Island of the Gods where we will stay at the artistic and spiritual hub of Ubud where you will fall in love with the cultural Balinese.
You can choose either the 6 or 10 day luxurious relaxation experience.
Both time frames give you the space to delve deep into your transformational self nurturing.
Give yourself permission to feel renewed, with the much needed unscheduled free time we have set aside space for you to stop, to restore, and to recharge.
You will BE renewed.
Let us share more specific delights that await you.
Wellness Journey Details
REGROUP 6 DAY Wellness Journey
Spend 6 delightfilled days (and 5 nights) being emotionally and spiritually self indulgent.
You will be participating in the sacred cermonies to reconnect you with SELF including the Priest led Fire AGNI HORTA ceremony where you will be guided in transforming and releasing your Ego.
A Sound Healing session to assist in settling You back into You.
Take pleasure in Daily Massages or Spa Treatments.
Stretch yourself with daily Yoga / Meditation Classes.
Prepare your own meal at a Traditional Balinese Cooking Class. Take home the experience to share with family and friends.
Be immersed in expanding and enjoying yourself on a luxurious and self decadent adventure in Ubud.
Well, what if you got insanely rebalanced, spiritually centred, chakra realigned, physically indulged and most of all for Yourself, able to come home and empower Your Business Clients or your Family? And what would it mean to You if you felt RENEWED until your next ME Time trip?
RENEW YOURSELF 10 DAY Wellness Journey
Gift yourself with the 10 day RENEW YOURSELF Wellness Journey and you will be spoilt with 4 extra days. The REGROUP 6 days Wellness Journey as well as 4 more days in the tropical rainforest immersing yourself in the therapeutic Hot Springs and the much coveted Priest led Water Blessing ceremony not usually experienced by travellers.
Here the tranquility lulls you into complete relaxation and rejuvenation.
We will eat locally sourced food - many fruits, vegetables and spices will become ingredients to your meals. These will nourish your body, from the inside out and assist in the complete RENEWing YOURSELF process.
Also included will be a Traditional Balinese Cooking Class with recipes to take home and You will eat your creations for lunch.
Breathtaking Sunsets & Beach Clubs
You can visit Temples, Beach Clubs or Volcanoes and you will be rewarded with some breathtaking sunset photos..
If you like you can book a Professional Photograper
to teach you how to use your weapon of choice.
Unrivalled Shopping & Beaches
Explore the many fashionable Beach Clubs and let's go shopping for Homeware and Clothing in Boutiques at Canggu and Seminyak.
Unleash the inner designer and have your designs Tailor made. Clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery. The list is endless.
Include a Beach Club to enjoy the many sought after sunset memory of your journey.