MDF is a reconstituted wood panel product making it stronger, lighter and more durable.  CLEANING - You cannot get this panel wet so a slightly damp cloth to clean is recommended.  Keep out of intense direct sunlight.  A mounting kit is recommended for panels over 3kg.

To keep furniture looking good and lasting longer, it needs ongoing care and maintenance. Coastal areas need special attention due to sea air, and outdoor furniture needs regular cleaning. Avoid direct sunlight and fireplaces. Timber furniture may change due to humidity and air temperature but won't compromise its structure. Do not place timber furniture in direct sunlight. Timber left outdoors will naturally change codour and need refinishing. Apply wax or oil suitable to your piece on a regular basis.

Excessive humidity can lead to the growth of mould, especially in areas with limited airflow. This may result in the development of mould on furniture and household items. It is important to note that mould growth is not a fault of the items themselves, but rather a consequence of moisture in the air. Mould can grow on any surface and thrives in humid environments.